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Jigsaw Box is the best Jigsaw Puzzle app for your iPad. It comes with over 100 free puzzles, a puzzle maker to create your own puzzles and a puzzle store packed with a great selection of puzzles. New puzzle packs come out every week, with at least 1 free pack per month. Customers love Jigsaw Box. Just check our reviews. Here's a selection of our recent press releases:

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▼ Jigsaw Box for iPad App Overview
▼ Creating your own Puzzles with the Puzzle Maker


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App Reviews

Our customers love Jigsaw Box and the app has received more than 10,000 "5 star" ratings. Here's a selection of some of our reviews:
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Best Ever - It took forever but I finally found this app and it is EXACTLY like a puzzle game should be! This is the best!
Addicting! - Superb!! By far the best app I have downloaded. I'm addicted! Play day and night!!
Thanks I love that it is geared toward all ages!! My 3 year old granddaughter loves creating her own puzzles with pictures she has taken herself!
Puzzle Fun - Love this app use it everyday after work to unwind love it.
Love It - I have downloaded a lot of jigsaw apps over the last couple of years, but I have to say this is by far THE BEST JIGSAW APP I've found.
Awesome! - Love this puzzle app. I don't even really like doing puzzles but my daughter downloaded this and now I can't put it down!! Thank you for a great app. :)
Excellent - This game is great for all ages. My 3 year old has been putting these puzzles together since he was just 2. I'm 33 and don't get tired of it. Awesome Game!
Jigsaw Love - I love this so much..... The music is so soothing and therapeutic. Please add more! Too bad I can only give 5 stars!
WOW! - An old fashion jigsaw puzzle meets modern touch screen technology, a match made in heaven. All I can say is thank goodness for this app. This app has "NO" equal. Choose you puzzles, free or fee! Choose the number of puzzle pieces! Choose your own music or the app's music! Choose to kept or delete puzzles! Choose from beautiful pictures online or create your own from your own photo collection! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
Best puzzles ever - Beautiful graphics, lots of choices, calm relaxing music. Gives you ability to create your own puzzles. My 4 year old daughter loves it a lot. Can do with background help or not, option to put puzzles on a tray or messy "real" floor puzzle look, many choices. Can't believe it's free. A must if you want a great puzzle app!
Still my favorite app - I've had this app for about 2 years now and I can honestly say that it's still my favorite app. I love the free monthly pictures. I'm glad they have given the option to delete some of the puzzles, but I can't bring myself to do that. The only other improvement I would like to see is the option to choose more puzzle pieces. Thanks again for a great app. BTW the support for this app is awesome!
Love this app! - I love this jigsaw app. It's fantastic. Truly recommend this app for all jigsaw enthusiasts. 10/10
Love it - I totally dig it.... Definitely one of the better jigsaw apps... Believe me, good ones are hard to come by. I have found, downloaded & erased at least 6-8 stupid jigsaw apps. This one is worth getting for the create your own feature. It's what makes it 5 stars for meeeeeee!!!!!
Best ever - This app is worth every penny I paid for my iPad . I absolutely love it and think it is THE best jigsaw puzzle app available.
Jigsaws - the best!! - I have used this Jigsaw App for almost a year. I am a jigsaw addict and have several other similar apps. This one is by far the best. It's easy to use and is frequently updated with new packs that are affordable with relevant themes and superb photos. The challenge of completing a jigsaw is left to the player. You can make it as easy or hard as you want to. Players who are not as young as they once were may struggle to see the jigsaws with over 144 pieces. When this jigsaw size was removed from the app, we contacted the app owner and received excellent customer service and a fast response. We are delighted that the 144 piece jigsaw is back !! My other half has never played jigsaws in his life before trying this collection. Now he is an addict ! All generations have this app as a favourite. Perhaps for the future! The option of having a timer added would enhance the collection by adding an element of competition. I would recommend jigsaw box to anyone ! I have contacted the customer service section again and received first class and quick response.
Love it - Love it. Glad somebody told me about this game.
Woohoo! - I haven't done jigsaws in a long time. This brings back the joy I had doing these as a child. My mother enjoys playing this; my three young boys enjoy playing this. My husband even started playing it after seeing how much fun I was having. :-) The only improvement I would suggest is to add a "timed" version for those with a competitive spirit.
Fantastic! - If you love Jigsaw puzzles this is the best app. Hours of fun and new puzzles every Friday. Love, love, love it.
Love it - I downloaded this app for me - but my kids steal it from me all the time and finish my puzzles!
Great app! - Best Jigsaw puzzle app. Great assortment of puzzles, not expensive to purchase more puzzle packs. New puzzle packs every month. App comes with lots of puzzles. Would strongly suggest this app over any other jigsaw app!!
Fantastic! - The best jigsaw puzzle in the store by far! It's been our favorite for over 6 months now. The design is clean, beautiful and well done. There are many gorgeous puzzles to choose from. There are other little things which make this app truly amazing!!! Get it and you will see for yourself. On the personal note, I would like to thank the developer who helped me restore all my purchases which I lost when I had to bring my iPad to factory settings. That means a lot to me since many of the developers just take your money and run!
Excellent app - The best jigsaw puzzle app that I have found, and I've tried a lot of them.
Love it - This is by far the best jigsaw app. Tried others and not even close. Love the way you can do edges first and tray the rest of the pieces. Offers a really good selection of puzzles at a small cost too. Had an issue and emailed company and they actually answered me quickly. Thank you for that and also for the fix for us Ipad 1 users. A lot of companies have forgotten us and don't bother to care if the programs still work well for the Ipad 1 and no longer offer updates. Great company and great game!! Keep up the great work!
Excellent - I have tried a LOT of puzzle apps...this is the only one I play.
No other games needed!! - With this app, I don't need any other games. I love taking photos and thinking, "What a great puzzle this will be!" Very classy and well designed in all its features. My only wish is that my iPad was table sized so the puzzles could be bigger. Ha!